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What’s the Best Way to Meet Plus-Sized Women?

 One of the truly fantastic things about living in the 21st century is that, when it comes to dating, things have never been as varied and exciting as they are now. No matter who you are, what your preference is … Continue reading

How Has the Average Woman’s Size Changed Over the Last 60 Years?

Nobody needs telling that compared to 60 years ago, the world is a vastly different place. Hundreds of TV channels, all the worlds information at our fingertips, courgetti and eight years of Compare the Market’s ‘Meerkat’ campaign could barely be … Continue reading

The BBW Celebs Changing Minds and Winning Hearts

At BBW dating we know that the big, beautiful women of this world are the sexiest by far, but the world of culture often hasn’t reflected that back at us. An unhealthy obsession with weight loss and maintaining ludicrously skinny … Continue reading

Why do many men prefer larger women?

We all know the saying ‘Small is Beautiful’. Well, Newton was right when he coined another one: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” Apply this outside the field of theoretical physics, and it remains absolutely true. For every … Continue reading

BBW Dating Sites Reviews

BEST BBW DATING SITES Not all sites in this niche are BBW Dating related. Some are simply to do with getting a hard on looking at over sized lovelies in variuos states of undress and sexual position. Recently we’ve had … Continue reading

Beautiful Plus Size Models

Thank goodness that realistic body shapes are being represented these days and that plus size models can show of their fabulous looks to the everyday public. Here are some of our favourites with links out to other resources for your … Continue reading

The World of Big Beautiful Women

There is a world of men out there who adore big beautiful women (BBW) rather than the skinny, model types that fill our papers and television screens. There is also a world of plus size women who stress about a … Continue reading

How to attract bigger women with your online profile

How To Attract Large Women With Your Online BBW Dating Profile? If bigger women are your desire then you will want to do all you can when online dating to attract them to you. Of course everyone is different, and … Continue reading

Why men prefer bigger women

The plain fact is that we are all different and all have unique tastes, so it goes without saying that a lot of men prefer dating BBW or bigger women. A lot prefer thinner women, but we’ll leave them to … Continue reading

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